Best Lawyer In Town A Drug Charge along with some others in Dekalb County Resulting In Serious Time ... Chad got it REDUCED BIG TIME to nothing but probation that is terminated once my fine is paid in full. He Listened To Us and Explained What He Could Do and How and Told Us Not To Worry. And we didn't, Not One Bit. He Answered Every Phone Call & Text Whenever We Had A Question. He Is Also A Great and Down To Earth Person All Around. We Definitely Would Recommend Him To Anyone Without Hesitation 🙂
June 11, 2015
Awesome is an understatement! Mr. Trentacosta was not only professional and proficient he was quick as well. He took on my case and had it cleared up in just a matter of days. He also had my fine and charge reduced. I am not even in the same state and he got me taken care of without any issues. If you need a good "no nonsense" Chad Trentacosta!
August 7, 2015
Keeps his word Attorney Chad from the start was professional and honest. He told me what would happen, how it would happen, and the end results. It helped a great deal. We were able to be proactive before court. I especially liked his personal touch of him handling your case instead of his staff. He always kept me in the loop of what was happening. I would definitely recommend him or use him again.
Former Client
August 13, 2015
Dui Trial I used Chad Trentacosta for a DUI trial and he was a great defense attorney. He won my case. He connected well with the jury. He is very enthusiastic about his work and thorough.
Seth Ellis
August 18, 2015
Criminal Case While facing some very serious charges and the first time ever having to go through courts, Chad was a great person to have representing me. He was quick, professional and told me exactly what would be happening. He not only kept me up-to-date on what was happening but he got me the best possible outcome for my case despite the circumstances. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a lawyer who will not beat around the bush.
August 14, 2015
Chad is the best attorney! Chad has represented me for two cases and won them both!!! came out with all charges dismissed! He is always honest about your possible outcome and very sure of himself and his capabilities! i would recommend him for anyone, i was a nervous wreck but he insured me that everything would be fine and he made good on his word!
September 3, 2015
Persistent and dedicated to the client! After being accused of some very serious crimes, I reached out to Mr. Trentacosta and because of his due diligence and dedication my name was cleared and the accusations against me were retracted. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need and will do just that.
November 23, 2015
Excellent RepresentationMy first time offense was very scary. I had a misdemeanor simple battery charge and the charges were dismissed. I highly recommend Chad for his services.
Former Client
December 7, 2015