A person arrested and accused of committing a violent crime needs an aggressive legal team experienced in defending against criminal charges. Violent crimes are serious and can affect the ability of an offender to find employment, especially a job that requires security clearance.

A violent crime conviction may cost a parent a child custody award. Upon arrests, and before speaking to law enforcement, it is important to contact a Georgia criminal defense attorney for legal advice and guidance to avoid making any statements that may be incriminating.

Types of Violent Crimes

A conviction for a violent crime can result in harsh penalties. When it comes time for sentencing, the courts consider many factors such as prior offenses or the use of weapons during the commission of a crime.

Some types of violent crimes are includes:

  • Kidnapping, car jacking
  • Assault, Terroristic Threat, robbery, weapons charges, gang-related offenses
  • Domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault and rape

Punishment for violent crimes may include the sentencing of a term in state or federal prison, parole, fines and expenses, and court ordered counseling and rehabilitation programs.

It is important during the legal process and procedures to have the legal assistance from a law firm with attorneys who are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the courts and defending clients facing serious criminal charges.

Defense lawyers can attack the evidence presented by a prosecution by challenging arrest procedures, search and seizure warrants, witness statements, and forensic evidence.

With the future of the accused at stake, it is essential to have support from attorneys who can aggressively fight for rights and freedoms of the individual.

Our goal is to provide a legal defense against violent crime charges resulting in a reduction or dismissal of the case, or an acquittal should the case go to trial. Make an appointment for a consultation with one of our qualified attorneys from the firm.

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