White collar crimes capture the attention of the media because the offenders in these cases are often CEOs or major executives who are well-educated professionals.

However, white collar crimes are not always committed by well-known or respected individuals and they encompass a wide range of types of offenses, many of which are charged federally. Although these crimes are usually committed to benefit the offender financially, they can be difficult to prove because of a lack of clear evidence.

White collar crimes may be complex and may be committed over a long time-period, and this requires the expertise of trained financial forensics specialists to solve.

An individual accused of a white collar crime can face a damaged reputation and loss of other freedoms. Anyone arrested or under investigation for any type of financial crime should immediately contact a criminal defense attorney before speaking with law enforcement.

White Collar Crime Defense

Convictions for white collar crimes can carry severe punishments such as imprisonment, heavy fines, probation, and court ordered counseling programs.

The circumstances and severity of the crime including whether a bank or lending institution was involved, the number of victims of the crime, or loss of financial value can influence the sentencing issued by a court.

There are many types of white collar crimes, for example:

  • Embezzlement, fraud, forgery
  • Identity theft, computer crimes
  • Bribery, money laundering, price fixing
  • Copyright infringement, insider trading
  • RICO offenses
  • Accounting crimes
  • Mortgage or bank fraud

Often individuals know before an arrest that they are being suspected of wrongdoing. Before an arrest, if possible, it is best to speak with an attorney for legal advice and protection of individual guaranteed rights.

An aggressive legal team can formulate an effective defense against charges presented by the prosecution. A defense can challenge prosecution evidence that relies on search and seizure warrants, arrest procedures, witness statements, and forensics.

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