Under 21 drivers face a different set of laws pertaining to drinking and driving.

If you are under twenty one you cannot drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in your blood, this means anything .02% or above. These laws, known as zero tolerance, carry huge penalties if violated.

For example, if a person is driving with a BAC above a .02 percent he or she can lose their driving privilege for six months, in addition to heavy fines and up to 1 year incarceration. It is important to acquire the services of an experienced Under 21 DUI Lawyer if you or anyone you know is in this situation.

An attorney can request a DMV hearing and challenge the evidence, in many cases saving the drivers license or getting a restricted license for the young person.

These conviction are serious and can have long-lasting affects – the best thing you can do is to seek out an aggressive criminal defense lawyer that you can trust to help defend your legal rights.

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